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"Into the garbage chute, flyboy!" -Leia, Star Wars

Written on Mar 31, 2011 in Geekdom, Internets, Screens, TV.


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Thorough-Bread of Sin?


This is not a story about the new Dr. Hor­ri­ble Book that came out yes­ter­day and that reveals such tan­ta­liz­ing tid­bits as the fact that the cos­tume designer did not real­ize that Bad Horse was an actual horse and so designed a samu­rai cos­tume for him.

This is instead a story of Bad Horse… the pizza par­lor.. Sit­u­ated in Harlem and set to open April first, this is no ordi­nary evil pizza par­lour. It will offer free beer and wine on open­ing day to all cus­tomers and, “more if you prove your­self some­how, feats of strength, etc.”

(Source Harlem+Bespoke)

Hmmmm…perhaps Bad Horse will let cus­tomers forgo the sec­ond class of Chi­anti to join the League:

(Thanks to Wood­house for the tip.)

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